Toronto’s Premier Community Jewish High School

The school has had a profound influence on our family. The campaign permits us to ensure others can benefit similarly. We are forever grateful for the school’s ability to reinforce Jewish values.

The Belzberg Family

At TanenbaumCHAT, we offer more than an exceptional academic education. We give students the skills, knowledge and experiences to lead exceptional lives rooted in a strong Jewish identity. We strive to be a school of excellence and a school of significance. We are a school animated by a set of transcendent beliefs – that school is not about marks, but about learning; that we achieve our mission when we embrace the Jewish character of our mandate; and that we fulfill our potential as human beings when we reach beyond ourselves and contribute to the world around us.

Guided by our Jewish values, we are dedicated to developing students’ intellectual curiosity, challenging them to live lives of high moral character, deepening their connection to their Jewish roots, connecting them to the Jewish community in all its diversity and the State of Israel in all its complexity, and helping them discover a meaningful way to contribute to the world around them.

The mission of TanenbaumCHAT is to challenge, support, and prepare students to live lives of high moral character, intellectual curiosity, Jewish commitment, and civic duty.

Our Core Values


We develop students’ intellectual curiosity and thereby prepare them for the rigours of university life and beyond.


We educate teens to act on a moral vision that is grounded in the belief that every individual is created in the image of God.


We teach that achievement without contribution lacks significance and that life becomes more meaningful when we reach beyond ourselves.


We deepen students’ connection to their Jewish roots by showing them how Judaism is timeless, meaningful, and relevant to their lives.


We help students develop a sense of responsibility to the State of Israel with all its complexities and the global Jewish people in all its diversity.