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רבי שמעון הצדיק ….. היה אומר: על שלשה דברים העולם עומד: על התורה, על העבודה ועל גמילות חסדים" -אבות א,ב

Welcome From The Head Of School

Here at TanenbaumCHAT, our goal is to prepare our students to make a positive impact on our community. Just as Rabbi Shimon believed that the world rests upon 3 basic pillars – Torah, worship, and acts of loving kindness, we believe that a successful student experience rests upon three basic building blocks: knowledge, active student life, and community service.

When a student joins our school, they forge the next link in the chain of Jewish tradition dating back thousands of years. Each one becomes, as well, a part of the proud 60-year history of our school. TanenbaumCHAT takes pride in the role we play in developing the next generation of Jewish leaders. Our more than 8,000 alumni benefited greatly from the broad range of curricular and extra-curricular programming we offer, a dedicated, talented and passionate staff, and a wide array of sports teams, arts programs and Jewish experiences. Browse our course calendar and look through this website to see some of the many programs we offer!

If you love music, check out our music program, with choral group, and concert and symphonic bands that play at their own events and enhance many others. If drama is your thing, you’ll love our four-year program in dramatic arts, and our school play and musical. For the athletes, we field over 20 competitive sports teams ranging from baseball to volleyball to, of course, ice hockey. If you want to participate at a less competitive level, we run a variety of intra-murals throughout the year. There is a virtually limitless range of clubs and committees available to students and it is so easy to start a new one! Shabbaton experiences, engagement with Israel, discussion of Jewish identity, and the perpetuation of our heritage are essential to our program.

We are also a community dedicated to tikkun olam – repairing the world, helping others and performing acts of chessed. We believe that we are stronger when we are united in support of one another at school, and within the local, national, or international community.

We call this the TanenbaumCHAT experience and we cannot wait to show you in person.

Jonathan Levy, Ph.D.

Head of School