Toronto’s Premier Community Jewish High School


We recognize that every child has unique social, emotional and academic needs.

We are committed to creating an environment in which all our students have the opportunity to thrive. The Student Services team is coordinated by the Director of Student Services and comprises the Centre for Differentiated Learning (CDL), the Deans’ Office, and the Guidance Department. Together, they offer a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to supporting the whole student. We see parents and guardians as active partners in this endeavour.

Heather Weinstock

Director of Student Services

Freedman Centre for Differentiated Learning (CDL) & Nussbaum Jewish Studies Remediation Centre

The CDL provides support to students with exceptional medical, physical and learning needs. Through ongoing consultation with parents and students, the CDL oversees academic accommodations to help ensure that the student’s unique learning profile is addressed in all academic and extra-curricular settings.

Rotman/Rohringer Deans’ Office

The Deans’ Office offers students and parents an added layer of support. The Deans oversee matters related to managing behavioural and school expectations, workload, tardiness and absences due to illness and many other important issues in the life of a high school student. The Deans are available to assist in all aspects of school and teenage life.

Guidance Department

A team of guidance counsellors advises students on course selection and personal educational planning, career counselling, university and college entrance, and study programs in Israel. Confidential personal counselling is also offered to students who wish to discuss academic, social or personal issues.