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New to Jewish learning? New Stream is for you!

For decades, through our New Stream program, we have been proud to provide a Jewish community high school experience to students from a wide range of educational backgrounds – many of whom may be completely “new” to Jewish learning. This program is open to young people from public schools and secular independent schools, along with those who have been out of the Jewish day school system since the end of Grade 5. It currently represents one in four new admissions to TanenbaumCHAT.

New Stream encompasses Jewish Studies courses only. For General Studies classes and extracurricular opportunities, New Stream students are fully integrated with the rest of their cohort.

New Stream offers students an opportunity to discover and engage in Jewish learning together, in a tailor-made program. Just like all other TanenbaumCHAT students, New Stream students take four Jewish Studies subjects each year which, with the exception of the Ivrit class (Hebrew language), are all taught in English. By the time they reach Grade 12, New Stream students are equipped to become mainstreamed into the full range of Jewish Studies electives.

Please note that entry into New Stream is in Grade 9 and applications for Grade 10 are considered on a case-by-case basis.


New Stream is a new type of learning that helps you understand your Jewish identity and build upon it. TanenbaumCHAT surprised me in its open environment – I did not expect high school to be as accepting of everyone.

Robbie Tylman ’20
New Stream Attendee

Before attending TanenbaumCHAT, I knew no Hebrew, so this made me very nervous. But my teacher was able to teach Ivrit in a way that I was able to understand and I love being in a class with others who are at the same level as me. It allows the teacher to help everybody at the same pace, and the peers around you make it enjoyable and much easier to handle and learn!

Reese Levy ’22
New Stream Attendee

Sending our three children to TanenbaumCHAT New Stream program has been the single best decision we have made. All of our children have different learning strengths and needs and this was all taken into consideration by the school. The teachers and staff are what made the transition almost seamless for all of our children.

Melissa Snider-Adler
New Stream Parent