Hiring: Head of the CDL for Jewish Studies

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TanenbaumCHAT is seeking a Head of the Centre for Differentiated Learning (CDL) for Jewish Studies – LTO Position

TanenbaumCHAT is a coeducational community Jewish high school and a foundational community institution for the past 60 years. We offer an exciting and extensive educational experience inside the classroom and beyond. Rigorous General and Jewish Studies curricula prepare students to attend the finest post-secondary institutions, to succeed in their chosen paths, and to become caring and contributing members of their communities.

Reporting to the Campus Principal and Vice Principal(s), the Head of CDL Jewish Studies is responsible for ensuring the school delivers educational services that best serve students with exceptionalities ranging from learning disabilities to gifted and including students with medical and physical accommodations in the Jewish Studies programme at TanenbaumCHAT. He/she works closely with CDL staff faculty, campus principal and vice principal(s), director of educational technology, director of student services, dean, guidance counsellors, Ivrit support teachers, Ivrit department heads, educational assistants, and academic support staff at TanenbaumCHAT. The regular hours are 8:30a. m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Duties: Management and oversight of Jewish Studies Remediation and Support, including but not limited to:

  • Establish and communicate a vision and strategy to best serve students with diverse needs
  • Establish and implement procedures for the evaluation, placement and reassessment of students with special needs
  • Review, analyze and implement recommendations of psychoeducational reports and assessments 
  • Maintain and update individual learning plans for students
  • Liaise with staff, parents, students, administration
  • Liaise with the director of educational technology to plan and coordinate ed tech solutions for students in need
  • Serve as part of the interview team for incoming CDL students
  • Meet with feeder schools for exchange of information re: incoming students
  • Coordinate accommodations for testing and final school exams
  • Participate in annual review meetings for students who access support from the Jewish Studies Remediation department
  • Communicate with professionals in the community (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers) re: student needs
  • Schedule, organize and supervise accommodated testing in the CDL
  • Organize and maintain student records (physical and electronic)
  • Summarize psychoeducational assessments (for incoming students as well as new or updated ones for current students)
  • Create, establish and coordinate Jewish Studies Learning Strategies curriculum and course material
  • Oversee matters that pertain to Jewish Studies Remediation and Support, as they arise

Duties: Management and oversight of the Hebrew Support program, including but not limited to: 

  • Help determine which students should be scheduled for Hebrew support.
  • Liaison with teachers/students/parents regarding the Hebrew support
    • Create a system for managing and adjusting the support that students receive to be shared with the Ivrit Department Heads.
    • Help coordinate the collaboration between Hebrew support teachers and the Hebrew classroom teachers and ensure benchmarks and standards are achieved.
    • Liaise regularly and communicate with the Ivrit Department Heads regarding Hebrew Support for students

Leadership (as it relates to Jewish Studies Remediation and Support): 

  • Promote collegiality, a culture of learning and foster collaborative practice within the department.
  • Provide leadership, coordination and resources to Jewish Studies Remediation and Support staff, Jewish Studies Learning Strategies faculty and Ivrit Support teachers
  • Act as the driver of departmental professional learning towards a culture of excellence, innovation, and creativity.
  • Help shape the vision of the department, as part of the larger school vision, in collaboration with administration
  • Lead departmental meetings
  • Mentor and coach teachers
  • Represent department at school events, as needed
  • Serve as an ambassador throughout the school community

Administrative (as it relates to Jewish Studies Remediation and Support)

  • Attend department head meetings
  • Act as departmental liaison to administration, consulting on various matters as they arise 
  • Prepare department budget
  • Ensure that departmental content is up to date on Edsby
  • Ensure that technology and technology training remains a priority for the department 
  • Communicate and collaborate on a regular basis with CDL heads, where applicable

Curricular Leader and Expert (as it relates to Jewish Studies Remediation and Support)

  • Before school year begins, meet with new department members, explain department expectations and review course outlines, and ensure all teachers are up-to-date
  • Approve FSTs and exams in Jewish studies Remediation and Support department 
  • Standardize approach to curriculum delivery and assessment within sections of a Jewish studies learning strategies course
  • Ensure adherence to ministry guidelines and curricular updates
  • Arrange department PD as needed and collaborate with administration on professional learning
  • Ensure course outlines, including assessment quantity and weighting and KTCA balance are appropriate


  • Qualifications in Special Education or Formal Special Education Training
  • Extensive teaching experience serving the differentiated learning needs of students or similar
  • Must have experience in a leadership capacity and/or display a willingness to grow as a leader
  • Must have a track record that demonstrates exceptional analytical skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to think critically about issues and solutions.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to build meaningful relationships quickly are essential.
  • OCT certification preferred, but not required.

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to hr@tanenbaumchat.org.  Only successful candidates will be contacted.