Cracking the Code: A.I. in Schools


TanenbaumCHAT Teaches invites you
to a timely talk by Chief Innovation
Evangelist and Future of Education Strategist, Dwayne Matthews
. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the future of education, and insights into how parents can help their children thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Cracking the Code: A.I. in schools* with Dwayne Matthews
Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 7:00PM, $18
Meyer/Finkelstein Gymnasium, TanenbaumCHAT

Matthews will take us on a journey to uncover how and why we got here. He will explore the urgent strategic need for innovation in education, and how we can use lessons from disruptive and open innovation models to build a bridge to the future of education. He will also touch on risks and risk mitigation, and opportunities for the use of A.I. in education. 

While there are anxieties about digital technologies in the classroom and in society, Matthews is radically optimistic about the possibilities of increasing access to quality personalized education, asserting that "the future of education is not technology led. The future of education is human led, purpose driven and technology augmented.”

*Title provded by ChatGPT... join us to learn more!