Yom Ha'atzmaut 2024

After Monday's Yom Hazikaron ceremony, where our TanenbaumCHAT community came together to mourn Israel’s fallen heroes and victims of terror, our school came together to celebrate Israel’s 76th birthday and accomplishments decked out in blue and white to honour the occasion. While rejoicing in Israel’s freedom and independence, we solemnly recall that it was made possible by those who sacrificed their lives to protect the Jewish homeland. With that in mind, all proceeds from today’s event will be donated to the UJA Federation's Israel Emergency Relief Campaign. As we await the return of our captive brothers and sisters, let us pray for the healing of our wounded and mourn the profound loss of life we have experienced this year. Let us also hope that when we come together next year to celebrate Israel’s 77th birthday, it will be a more joyous celebration of peace.