A Family Commitment

August 17, 2021 / 5 mins read

Twenty-five years had passed since Paul and Judith Bloom attended the graduation of their youngest daughter, Adina, in 1993. Sara had graduated in 1991. Now they found themselves “back at CHAT” attending Generations Day with their grandson Koby who had recently started Grade 9.

Judith and Paul, along with their two daughters and their families decided to solidify the strong connection the family has with the school by dedicating a classroom in honour of great-grandparents David and Esther Gordon. In a private celebration on a recent Sunday morning, Adina shared the family’s sentiments on this special occasion.

“For me, today is mixed with emotions. It marks somewhat of a homecoming for me as this is the first I have been back at CHAT since I graduated over 25 years ago. It brings back some wonderful memories, where strong friendships blossomed that still exist today, and where I was pushed to my utmost potential on an academic level.

While my grandparents never had the opportunity to enter these halls, they waited with keen interest to hear the stories I would tell them in our weekly calls, discussing both my education and social life – which, during my high school years, all surrounded CHAT. This plaque that appears in the halls of the school that helped educate me in my formative years, and in the halls where my children will, all being well, soon be roaming, is very special. It will help remind my children of their great-grandparents every school day. My wish for my children is that they become as learned as their great-grandfather was, and as outgoing and social as their great-grandmother was. Thanks to my parents for this dedication in my grandparents’ honour and for further demonstrating to us the importance of tzedakah."