TanenbaumCHAT: Today and Every Day

March 11, 2020 / 5 mins read
TanenbaumCHAT: Today and Every Day

We thought it might be interesting to capture everyday life at TanenbaumCHAT. With that mandate in mind, over a couple of afternoons in late-January, Marketing Officer Daniel Malen took a stroll through the school, camera in hand.

However, invoking the word “everyday” – which can be construed as “commonplace” – in reference to TanenbaumCHAT misses the mark. Walk past classrooms and down hallways, peer around every corner and through windows, and you’ll find students studying, practicing, playing, rehearsing, or conversing… always conversing! You’ll catch English and Hebrew, discussions about Talmud, instructions for Photoshop filters, snippets of engineering problems, a few bars of band practice, the blare of a timer in the gym.

It’s true: this happens day in and day out. But when you stop to consider the unique synthesis of opportunities available to our students, the conclusion is clear.

The power of the TanenbaumCHAT experience is undeniable. And it’s about as far from “everyday” as you could imagine.

Photos: Daniel Malen

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